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Luna Storm is the daughter of the most feared Alphas of East Valley. ( A werewolf story )


HELLO beautiful YOU Here is a new story for you..As you know, I am a sucker for love triangles :) So here is another one... Make sure you click nice and slow Spend 2 seconds on the GIF slides

Luna Storm

Luna Storm is the daughter of the most feared Alphas of East Valley. She has never left her territory, her father and pack are most protective of her. She was born from two very powerful Alphas Alexander and Aria aka Luna Storm. Though they live among humans, the humans have no idea of who they really are

The room is lit with so many colors floating around the walls. I walk hand in hand with my best friend Iris, she always calms my nerves. I wish I was just like her, always ready to take on the world. She is beautiful with her bronze skin and green eyes.

For the daughter of an Alpha. I am super shy, especially at parties with so many people. I am constantly thinking someone is judging me and talking dirty behind my back, I feel so out of place among my own pack.

As we walked passed the dancing bodies we spot Jake and Jen talking to Mike by the dance floor It seems that Jake was the first one to spot us among the three.

I don't know if my eyes are deceiving me, but I thought I saw Jen make a disgusted face when she looked at me. Did I mention Jen is also one of my best friends. Jen is beautiful to any man, she has long blonde hair and baby blue eyes.

JAKE "Wow! You two girls just walked out of heaven." IRIS "Thank you for noticing the facts." Jake laughs nervously looking at us

MIKE "I do agree with Jake, you two look amazing." JEN "Be careful Mike, you are here with me not them." Jen wants Mike, even though I dated him first. This party is apparently their first date..

Jake decides to take Iris to the dance floor, and I am now stuck with these two looking awkward.. MIKE "What about you Luna, can I get you a drink?" LUNA "Yes please."

In this moment I had to control my breathing if I was going to keep my feelings hidden. Jen on the other hand is failing to keep the emotions from appearing on her face, she doesn't like what she is seeing. We all go to the same High School, East Valley High. In our East Valley town.

No one feature makes Mike so handsome, though his eyes come close. His bone structure was fine and perfectly symmetrical. He was very handsome, like a real life Ken doll. Every girl in our school took notice of him, but Jen, it was like she developed an addiction when she met him.

LUNA "On second thought; I will find my way, but thank you." MIKE "It’s not a problem for me.” LUNA "Thank you Mike, but I can handle it."

JEN "Let the girl get her own drink Mike, you tried.” LUNA "I’ll see you two in a bit." As I was walking towards the bar I feel someone behind me, so I slightly spin around and see Mike walking towards me.

Jen is staring at him but she doesn't come after us, instead she goes the opposite direction. He then grabs my hand and leads me out to a very beautiful terrace

MIKE "I’ve been wanting to have you alone for a whole week now, but you are never available." LUNA "What do you mean?" MIKE "When I came up to talk to you last Monday you went home sick."

LUNA "Oh." MIKE "You look really beautiful." I started to feel hot, and my palms started to get sweaty being in such close proximity with him. I might have broken up with the guy, but I was still very much attracted to him.

MIKE "Just as beautiful as the first day I saw you." I laugh nervously, I could not believe this guy. LUNA "You have me confused, you are here with my best friend. Stop making moves on me."

MIKE "I love to be honest." LUNA "I’m not sensitive to your charm." MIKE "I understand, I like that. I was with you first though, before any of this."

LUNA "That is a distant memory now." MIKE "Does not change anything." LUNA "It did the moment you decided to ask out my best friend."

MIKE "She said you were fine with it." LUNA "It has been over a year." MIKE "You will always be my first choice Luna, but I can't control this." LUNA "You are a comedian."

MIKE "I know something else is on your mind, tell me." After he said that, I got attacked by word vomit LUNA "You said you cared about me. You lied to me."

MIKE "Luna, you left me, did you forget that?" LUNA "You left, moved away. What did you expect from me?" MIKE "To hold on to me."

LUNA "Well I am glad I did not, look at you now." He just smiles at me MIKE "I will see you around Luna, my date is looking for me."

Losing him really hurt me. He was the son of my fathers beta and he left. It felt like losing a limb. He came back to East Valley after a year and he was trying to date Jen, my best friend. How can he do that to me? He knew she was my best friend but he went after her anyway.

What hurt me is the fact that my best friend wanted him too. She even had the nerve to ask me if she could date him. My alpha blood took over and agreed with her. I was not about to look like I was still into Mike, even if I was.

I walk back into the party, but instead of partying I went straight for the door and to my car. I was done for the night, I could not stay. If I’d stay, everyone would have known how I felt, they would have seen my pain. They all would have known he was the cause, my pride could not let that happen.


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