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"You have a nice smile "

Love In A Journal Year 2015

January 1st So many thoughts running through my mind, I cant think straight. Every time I see him I just want to hold him and never let go. I wish I could tell him how much he means to me. His eyes and his smile alone can make my day. He is much older than me, so its complicated you see

January 3rd She is my best friends little sister, how did I allow myself to feel anything for her. She is only 16 for crying out loud. She means the world to me Do I have the guts to jeopardize my friendship with my best friend over her? I don't know what to do, I am so confused

January 5th Everyday I see him, he comes by the house to see my brother. He pretends not to see me, he ignores me and just walks away. How do I let him know how much he invades my thoughts. Do I let him know?

January 15th I went over to see my best friend Jax today, I looked for her but I didn't see her. It's crazy to say this, but my day actually sucked without seeing her

January 15th He usually shows up by noon, but today he didn't come. I had plans with my best friend Laurie so I could not stay. My day was a total bust without seeing him. I spent the day talking to her about Dan. Laurie thinks I need to let him go " Jax would kill you if he knew."

"He is so much older than you, let him go. He probably would rather date someone much closer to his age".. I hate it when Laurie says that. Dan is 20 years old, it's not like, he is 30 or something. Four years apart, that is not too bad, is it???

January 17th I need to talk to her today, I cant just see her and walk away. It's getting old and probably weird You can do it Dan, it's just small talk, what could go wrong? About a million things

January 17th OH... MY... GOSH...... Today, he finally spoke to me. I am over the moon. He usually just smiles and walks straight to Jax's room and forget about my existence.. But not today, today he actually spoke.. "You have a nice smile "

I will never forget those words, like ever... What did I do you wonder? I smiled some more and said " Thanks " Nothing more and nothing less, I am such a dork.. He totally walked away after that

January 17th I finally spoke to her " You have a nice smile " I wish I had said something more but, the words got stuck somewhere down my throat She must think I'm such a dork

This is Dahlia, I took a picture of her a few days ago when I visited Jax.. She didn't see me do it.. I bet she would find this totally creepy

February 14th Today started off like any other day. I was at home waiting for my date Colin to pick me up for Valentines day.. I had on a red dress and I felt beautiful if I can say so myself I heard the doorbell so I went to open it, I could not wait to see the look on Colin when he saw my dress

I Flung the door open and I see him. He looked stunned to see me. " You look beautiful" He said as he handed me some flowers.. I just stood there smiling, I had no idea what to say. " These are for you, my mom said I should give them to the first girl I see. Do you have a date or something?

I gathered my courage and answered yes. He just smiled and said "You need a picture, let me take it for you" Oh yes, thank you. I was about to reach for my phone when I noticed a flash Did you just take a picture already?

" Yes you looked perfect without trying, I had to take it. Here, come look" I walk up to him, this is about the closest I have ever stood with Dan. I like it, I said when I saw the picture he took. "I can send it to you "

Yea, send it to me. I said smiling and then he asked me for my number, and I was in euphoria. Dan Karter asked me for my number. I mean its because he wants to send me my picture but, I look at it as a conversation starter :)

February 14th It's valentines day and the girl I want is on a date with some weirdo I don't know. She looked so beautiful in her dress, I don't mean a simple kind of beautiful. This girl had me speechless I got her some flowers and made up some stupid excuse

to give them to her. I wonder if she knew my whole story about my mom wanting me to give the first girl I see flowers was a lie. She seemed happy, I wish she was happy and on a date with me instead. On the upside, I managed to finesse my way into getting a picture and her phone number, it was a win

Dahlia Moon, I will forever cherish your portrait

Dahlia Moon, I will forever cherish your portrait To be continued

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