Love In A Journal Part 2 Year 2015
Love In A Journal
                                          Part 2
Year 2015 love stories

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The secret that is hidden in my heart

Love In A Journal Part 2 Year 2015

April 10 / 10:12pm I should have never said yes to camping with my brother and his friends.. Jax made me believe it would be fun. Doltish of me to believe him.

Everything would have been perfect if it wasn't for Paige Adams, this girl has been walking around half dressed for the last 10 hours. She would have never bothered me, if her eyes wanted someone else, I mean anybody else but Dan.

Wanted is an understatement, considering the fact that he already made her his girlfriend. I MIGHT HATE HER… A Lot...

April 10 / 11:30pm Paige is beautiful, everything I like. She has the perfect body, the perfect smile and she smells nice. I thought bringing her on this week long camping trip was a great way for her to meet my friends.

We can bring whoever we want, the guys always bring some girls with them. I thought bringing my girlfriend would be the best thing to do until I saw her The one girl I can't stop thinking about, no matter who I'm with

She was not a part of the plan. She is not supposed to be here. I asked Jax why he brought his sister, and his reply was " She was bored" I need to get myself together though, I don’t want anyone noticing how much she affects me, especially not Jax or Paige.

April 11 / 9:00am I walked out my cabin and found Dan and Jax at the lake. I look a little further and I see two red bikinis tightly hugging the bodies of Paige and her friend Kim in the most provocative way. Kim is annoying but my brother Jax can't seem to get enough of her…

“Enthralling” I say as I take my sit between the boys “What are you talking about? My brother asks while looking at me wide eyed “The practically naked women you two are gawking at” I reply with an eye-roll

“Oh, sexy right? Brother asks with a huge smile on his face I uncomfortably look at Dan I notice him laughing so I softly nudge him on his side. He playfully mouth the words “ouch” I mouth back “you deserve it. It was kind of perfect

April 11 / 3:00pm We hangout by the lake today, I am in the middle of nowhere surrounded by five of my closest friends, and seven girls who are willing to have the time of their lives I could be all over my girl right now, but instead I'm writing about Dahlia, smh

Dahlia is under the watchful eye of Jax she can’t really have fun even if she wanted to I plan to steal her away for a while.

Come away with me? I sent her a text and confused she replied "What do you mean? I told her I wanted to show her something. She was worried about her brother and I told her to leave him to me. She asked If Paige was tagging along and I told her no, that is when she finally agreed to meet me in 20 minutes.

April 11 / 3:20pm Dan just texted.. He says he wants to show me something. This is crazy? Right? Me alone with him I hope Jax doesn't stop it

April 11 / 6:00pm It took some convincing but Jax ended up letting me take his little sister for a tour around the Malami Woods. I told him she would be safe with me, and I meant it.

I told Paige I was taking a hike around the woods, and she said no, not her thing and walked away. Sometimes I wonder what I see in her, she never wants to do the things I actually like In this occasion though, I'm glad she said no and ran off

Her eyes were beaming when she saw the Malami Falls, she looked so happy I just wanted to take this moment and hold on forever.

“Wow, this is perfect Dan. How did you guys find this place? She looked like a little kid in Disneyland. It was adorable I just stumbled on it when I was hiking two summers ago, It was perfect and I didn’t want to share it with anyone else, so I kept it for myself. I was holding her hand to keep her steady on the rocks when I told her that.

She had this adorable shy smile on her face when I said that, and I knew how she felt. She has feelings for me “Well, thank you for sharing it with me” She said with a smile made for an angel I wanted to hold this moment, hold it like it was my last breath

April 11 6:00pm He took me to a waterfall, who knew Dan was so sweet. My brother would probably kill him if he knew how he made me feel. I lose myself in his eyes, they have a story of their own, they tell the tale of his soul. Which is so pure and alluring

I think I like him a lot more now, but it’s the most torturing feeling. To be falling for a guy I can’t have, wanting his arms around me, and telling me he feels the same. That is not my reality,

My reality is having the best two hours alone with Dan, laughing and talking without being able to get close enough to kiss his lips, that is my reality. He held my hand to steady me a few times but I’m his best friends pathetic 16 year old sister who he took out to see the waterfall to give me some air away from my brother.

" I figured you needed some air, away from Jax" Those were his exact words.. I wish it was much more than this, so much more Dan, It will always sting my heart that I cannot make you love me. I cannot make you mine.

April 14 / 10:00 am We leave this place tomorrow, I gotta say, I am glad to be going home. One of my friends got too close to Dahlia last night I got so mad I wanted to punch him all the way to the next lifetime

The whole time he was sitting next to her, it was like I was taking a hummer to my chest. Paige started to notice my attitude and started asking questions I can't keep doing this I should keep away from her for a while. Kill these feelings inside me

Dahlia Moon, I will miss you To be continued

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