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Sometimes love happens


Once there was a young King, he ruled a kingdom by the sea. He was feared by many, and many nations fell by his sword. He was a powerful king He needed to marry in order to make his kingdom stronger. Women from everywhere came to his castle wanting to marry him..

After many women came and failed to stay longer than a day.. Two remained. Alison Affer and Kira Hunt... He wanted to hold on to them both, but he could only keep one...



"Have you kissed him yet?" Alison looks up at me from her bed with a devious smile. "I don't know if I can tell you, It is a very sensitive subject." I tell her, avoiding her eyes, this girl is not to be trusted.

"You sneak off all the time and you cannot tell me? Why? Does he belong to someone else?" She asks while laughing at me. "Belong to who? You? Never." I respond a little more serious. "Do you love him?" She asks me, with a stupid smirk on her face.

"Yes, I do love him Alison." I answer and she laughs some more, now walking to me. "Do no be foolish, he is not the one to love, not for you." She firmly warns and I just stare at her.

"He is never going to choose you, you know that right?" I ask. "We will see about that." She says looking angry and yelling at me. "He don't want you." I honestly answer back, anger rising inside of me

"You think my Enzo would pick you over me?" She asks while moving closer to me again, so my instincts cause me to step back. "He loves me back Alison, I am not in love alone if that is what you are trying to say." I calmly respond, trying my hardest not to provoke her too much. Her temper can be troublesome.

"Spoiler alert little miss Kira, he is in love with me, not you. I was the one in his bed last night." She says, taking my heart out of my chest. "I do not believe you." I say to her and she just laughs in my face.

"Hello beautiful, miss me?" Alison and I both turn towards the door to find the beautiful Enzo Dorrant looking inside our room. "Enzo?" We speak at the same.

He was supposed to pick one of us, and get married. Not play with our feelings, I am getting angry imagining him touching her at all. I hate Alison, I hate her for wanting him and making him want her back.

"Are you here for me babe?" Alison speaks before I could. I just stand there and stare at her, does she really believe he is here for her? I look up at Enzo who is also staring at her without saying anything. She walks up to him and pulls him into a tight hug and I just stand there confused and frozen in place.

"I did miss my girl." He responds and my heart drops, My chest starts to tighten and "But it's not you Alison." He slowly lifts her hands from around him and walk away from her. He walks over to me and pull me into his arms

"Wait, what are you doing? What is this Enzo?" She ask, tears threatening to spill out her eyes as she watches him hug me and kiss me..

"It is king Enzo to you and I was talking about Kira, my fiance, your future Queen." He speaks and her body falls to the ground, she lands on her knees trembling, staring at my ring finger which she had not noticed had a diamond around it.

I just smile at her and let him lead me away.. ......................... I was in shock when I noticed Alison at the wedding, she was just staring at me the whole time.

I Look over to Enzo and ask him. "Do you plan on making her your second wife? She said you had her in your bed." He shrugged and said."I won't. Ever."

"Good." I say and look at her again, this time she tries to look away from us.

"You are my queen, always." Enzo whispers in my ear and that was all I needed. He picked me, he loves me, he made me his queen. Alison, whatever she had with him was over


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