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I have never seen such a mesmerizing human.

Intense Passion (1)

Hello everyone, wow, It took a while to write this first chapter huh? Not really, a girl has been busy :) Forgive me for taking my precious time lol Well here you go, the first chapter to the new promising story of Intense Passion :) The pain of waiting is over, I do hope you all enjoy it

Catalina ( POV )

Chapter 1

All my life I have been sheltered, never been on my own. Never experienced life outside of the state of Indiana. My first boyfriend/first kiss is the son of my mothers best friend Ellen. He was always coming along with her, he was my only friend. Years passed and we got older, fell in love and then I fell out of love with him.

He was always the same, good, good mannered, passed all his classes and with a promising future. When we started dating, our parents were thrilled. No better man for me than Matt. We started dating when I was 16, Matt was a year older than me. I was home schooled and he brought me all the awesome stories from the outside world.

My father said. " There is nothing out there for a girl like me, a beautiful Queen needs to stay focused and plan on her future." I was destined for greatness my father would always say, and he home schooled me so I can remain pure. He did not approve of me having a boyfriend but my mom helped him change his mind.

One day I was reading a magazine and I saw, I quote."Love happens in Italy." Maybe I am naive but I took it literally, to heart. So when I turned 21, I moved. Now here I am, in Italy. I have been here for about a months now. In Candle Wood Italy

Candle Wood is the town I moved to, it is small and beautiful. I was drawn here somehow, I seen it on the map and I knew I belonged here.

February 2015 Today is my first day of college, I am a nervous wreck. I have been home schooled my whole life, and when I was done with home school high school, I got into an online college. This is my first campus experience, and I do wonder what my first friend will be like.

The campus looks just as great in person as it did in the brochures online, wow, I am won over. Speranza Trovata Università is an amazing school. It translates Hope Found University. Parents are kissing and hugging their children and saying good bye. I guess those kids will be staying on campus.

Just walking through this place makes me feel at home, I feel more free now than ever before. I wonder what kind of life twenty one year old girls live. I walk around and finally find my first class. Mystery Hour, it is a class that teaches about myths. Vampires, Dragons, and witches, that kind of thing.

I walk in and sit on the first roll, I hate seating in the back of class. I want to be able to capture every word. I am a Vampire movie fan. So this kind of class is very exciting for me. The class fill up rather quickly to my surprise, I did not expect this many people in such a class.

A gorgeous tall slim girl with glowing skin and beautiful hazel eyes walks in. She moves and everyone is captivated by her. She smiles and every girl and boy smile back. Her tattoos and piercings make her look even more exotic. The kind of girl I wish I could be. She comes and sits next to me, and yes I was staring at this point.

"I'm Becka, don't look so nervous I do not bite." She says smiling brightly at me. " I am Catalina." I Respond with a sudden confidence that shocked even me. "You must be new here." She states with a raised eyebrow "Is it that obvious?" I ask.

She starts laughing, and even her laugh was beautiful. Who is this girl? "You have a new girl look plastered on your face Cat." She says looking at me "Not Cat, Just Catalina." I firmly remind her. "Alright Catalina." She responds with a eye roll

Before I could say anything else, the teacher walks in. He is handsome, not older than forty and he stands right in front of me. Welcome back class, and welcome miss, he says staring right at me. "You are the only new face in my class. Would you mind introducing yourself?"

I nervously get up and smile at him "My name is Catalina." I am a foreign student. "Welcome Catalina, do you believe in Vampires? He asked smiling curiously at me. I look at everyone and I see matching curious faces staring at me

Including Becka who is now smirking mockingly. "No, I do not." I respond and sit back down. "Well, a lot of people do not believe in them Catalina, you are not alone." He continues on about how some people believe they have seen vampires and all the movies..

It was an interesting class, but lunch was more interesting to me at this point. I live right after with Becka following close behind "Hey, do not leave me behind." She says putting an arm around my shoulders. "What are we? friends?" I ask looking strangely at her.

"Look if you are going to survive Candle Wood, you will need a guide." She says smiling. "Fine Becka, I will let you be my guide." I laugh at her

We walk into the cafeteria and it is just like the movies. People are so divided On one side you have the tattooed group On the other side you have the emo looking group

I look forward and I see a group of students who I assume are the more popular entitled ones. A girl with red hair spots Becka and walks up to us "Look what decided to pull in." She says giving Becka a nasty stare

"The she devil herself, are you my welcome back party?" Becka says while pointing a finger at the girl. "You got a friend, does someone actually want to be your friend?" The red head girl continues "Who must you be?" A guy walks up to us and stares me up and down

"She is none of your business Harry." Becka responds for me The red haired girl laughs and pulls the boy with her as she walks away from us. "Who are those people?" I ask, looking like the most confused girl in the room.

"You just met your first demons." She responds sounding serious I nervously laugh at her comment "Demons?" I ask. "Are they that bad?" I continued. "Fraid so." That was all I got from her before she walked away ending the conversation

We find a seat far from everyone, Becka likes it that way and actually so do I. Two really cute boys walk up to us and sit next to Becka and I "This is Stephan, my brother and his best friend Caden." She introduce the boys.

"We are having a party, you should both come with us." Stephan Offers. I look at his friend who has been staring at me since he sat down. He was handsome with midnight hair and his eyes were a beautiful amber, framed by graceful brows.

His skin was tanned. He had prominent cheekbones and a well-defined chin and nose. Muscles rippled across every part of his body. I have never seen such a mesmerizing human. "Where and what time is this party?"I ask, my eyes still on Caden

"Wait, do you actually want to go?" Becka gives me a surprised look "Yes, I do." I respond to her Caden moves closer to me, whispers in my ear "Today at midnight, my club." He winks and walks away. Leaving me feeling void..



Rebecka Alfonsi Beautiful, 21 years old, five foot seven, a face cut right from the pages of a men's magazine. Irresistible to both genders. Men desired her and women courted her friendship. A free spirit with a dangerous secret.

You will learn more about her and the other characters in the next chapter :) If you reached the end..YOU ARE AMAZING :))

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