Intense Passion ( 3 )
Intense Passion ( 3 ) love stories

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"No more talking, I want you right now." She seductively whispers in my ear. So I did just that, I took her upstairs..

Intense Passion ( 3 )

Welcome back to part 3

How did things get so complicated? Feelings are not something he battles with. He lives his life that way, he likes it like that. Why did she have to show up and change everything? She was supposed to be easy, just a simple lay, and he would move on.

Marie was the only girl who convinced him to try and be in a relationship. He only did it for one thing, he hated sharing. He loved the way she felt when he would bury himself inside her and he did not want anyone else touching her. She had a distasteful temper, making him want her even more.

Cadens POV

I have everything I wanted, right now at twenty three years old. Everything except a college degree. Personally I do not give a shit about it but my father made me go back to the University. "You can have all this money, but it means nothing without an education." He said. "You need to learn how to build this empire even more."

So here I am, back in school with my best friend Stephan by my side. If I was going through torture, I was taking him down with me. Thanks to our already high IQ, and large amount of money. We only have to do a year of this shit and then we graduate. Stephan is my right hand man

We run all the businesses together. He is brilliant with a computer, and I am brilliant with everything. ............................................. University is actually not as bad as I thought. A lot of wild girls dressed in skimpy outfits trying to gain male attention around every corner, it is a bliss.

"Bro, I got to meet my sister in the food court." Stephan said "What? Seriously, we need to get going." I say while checking my wrist for the time. "It will not take long." He says while pointing towards the food court. I shrug and go along with him.

As we reach the food court we notice Marie, my girlfriend seating on the other side with a few of our friends. I had no time so I made sure she didn't see me. We notice Rebecka, Stephans sister sitting at a far end corner table. Which was perfect and away from Marie.

As we sit down I notice she had a friend with her. She was beautiful, not my type but beautiful. She looked innocent, with her big t-shirt and blue jeans. She had full lips, black hair with some blonde highlights. I had no idea I was staring until I felt Stephan elbow my side.

He decides to invite the girls to our party, at my night club. I was shocked when she agreed to come, she did not look like the party type. Even Becka was shocked which made me even more amused. "Tonight, my club." I whisper in her ear before we walked away.

She walked in wearing a tight black dress, showing her very delicious figure. She was gorgeous, even more gorgeous than she looked on campus. I suddenly wanted her in my bed, right now. I walk up slowly behind her, I notice many of the other guys watching her as well, which made me coming up behind her even more exciting.

She seductively turn to look at me, Rebecka must have told her I was behind her.

"You are beautiful Kitten." I whisper in her ear standing way too close behind her. She didn't push me away, so she must like it. "Do not call me that, it is Catalina." She responds staring me deep in my eyes, mesmerizing me. I quickly remember Marie was in the same building so I step back.

"Get what ever drinks you girls need from the bar, let them know I said so." My eyes still on Catalina and her perfect lips. "Anything you need Kitten, let me know." I whisper to her again before walking away.

Catalinas POV

"Anything you need Kitten, let me know." He whispered in my ear before walking away. I could not stop my dirty thoughts from coming as i watched him walk away. He is so seductive, I loved every inch of him, even the stupid nickname he has for me. Kitten, it sounds good leaving his lips.

"Earth to Catalina." Rebecka says catching me staring at her brothers best friend. "He is bad, you cannot think about it." She says laughing. "I am not thinking about it." I lie, she just laughs some more.

Marie walks up to us and starts telling Rebecka to stay away from Caden, making the jealousy within me rise. I had no idea why watching her be possessive of him made me mad.

So I took a few shots of vodka, and I kept my eyes on him. Every now and then he would walk passed me, touching my hand or running his fingers down my arm. I wanted him, and I made it a plan to get him. ...................................................

Cadens POV

"I wanna dance with the worst one of you boys." She said that and my mouth fell open, so did everyone else around us. I was in shock my little shy Kitten had grown some balls. I started to get up so I can dance with the girl when I hear Marie. "NO, HELL NO BITCH."

"Fuck" I said under my breath as I took my seat. I did not want to escalate the situation anymore than this. "Who the hell do you think you are little skank?" Marie was shouting at my kitten and I started to get pissed.

"You must be used to girls cowering under your voice, right?" I was in shock when I looked up at Catalina, with her hands on her hips talking back to Marie. I have to admit, I was impressed and weirdly turned on. My little kitten had some fire in her after all.

"I am not that girl Marie, so do not step to me." She continued to fire back, making me proud. "I will kill you little girl, I will yank your pretty little head right off your neck." Marie shots her a warning, and that is when Stephan decided to stop the girls. Much to my disappointment, I wanted to see how it plays out.

"In your wildest dreams Marie, I will not stay away from him now." Those were her last words to Marie before she smiled at me and walked away. "What the fuck? Were you about to go dance with her?" Marie questions me, her voice tight. I just look up at her, who does she think she is yelling at me in front of all these people.

"You're a big asshole." She complains as she get on my lap. She tried to kiss me "No." I warn her, the way I always do when she tries to kiss me in public. "I hate the way she was looking at you Caden." She continues to complain.

"She is ugly and weird, what the fuck." "You are a little bitch." I shake my head at her getting irritated by the way she was talking about my Kitten. What the hell is wrong with me? why do I keep calling her my kitten.

She looks at me eyes wide for a moment before deciding to ignore my comment. "No more talking, I want you, right now." She seductively whispers in my ear. So I did just that, I took her upstairs..

Maries body shakes as I bury myself deep. "Caden" Was all she could manage to say. After a few minutes she gets off me and I close my eyes as I feel her warm lips wrap around me.

After an hour and some minutes of blissful pleasure, she gets up, gets dressed without a word and walks out. It does not take a scientist to figure Marie out. She was pissed off at me for looking at another woman, and calling her a bitch instead of defending her or agreeing with her.

If I was someone else, maybe I would have cared. Go after her to make it better but, I am me, so I do not give a shit. I stayed in my condo above my club for the rest of the night. I had no need to party.. I fell asleep and I had a weird dream, I was melting into someone and...

My mind kept leading me to that innocent, naive girl who just became my new target. I crave her I have a sick hunger to ruin her


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SIDE NOTE I felt so weird writing the sexual parts lol so even though it was more detailed in my mind, I kept the details to myself... I thought I could do it, but it is Commaful after all...

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