Intense Passion ( 2 )
Intense Passion ( 2 ) instrument stories

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I had a feeling, this was the beginning of something BIG. I felt it in the air

Intense Passion ( 2 )

Welcome back lovely you.. I hope you like this chapter.. Leave me a comment if you like it :))

Chapter 2 REBECKA'S POV = Point Of View To some of you who do not know.... Lets start the story

"She never really loved him did she?" ....................... "No, not the way he loved her." ........................ "Why? He was perfect for Catalina." .......................... "Yes, in a way he was."

"Then what was it? Why didn't she love him?" ...................... "Oh my dear, you misunderstand me. I'll tell you a story. make sure you take in every detail." ............................. In 2015 a girl who had everything in the United States

gave up her life to move to Italy, she was looking for love. She found me, and then we became the best of friends. She was smart very smart, but one day she met a boy. Thanks to me and my bad behavior, I didn't do much to warn her about him. He was cunning, I mean very brilliant at manipulating people.

A sweet innocent girl from a small town of Indiana had no idea men like him exist. "Tonight, my club." That was pretty much how it all started, she became so curious, she went to the party. He saw her walk in and he went after her..

He had a redhead girlfriend with a bad attitude so he tried to keep it friendly. "You are beautiful Kitten." Was the first words he said to Catalina that night, standing too close behind her. She acted so irritated by the nickname but I knew better, I knew she liked it.

"Do not call me that, it is Catalina." She corrected him, and he just laughed at her for it. He spent that night buying us drinks and making sure we were having fun, without being too obvious to his girlfriend Marie. "Stop hanging around my boyfriend Becka."

"I would never, he is like a brother to me." I respond back to her. She looks at me and walks away. It was typical of Marie to think I was after something that belonged to her. I knew Caden for years and never looked at him in any sexual way. He was my brothers best friend which made him like family.

"She is way too protective of him, no man wants that." I smile at Catalina when she made that comment and she just rolled her eyes. "I wanna play with her." She said, and of cause I was puzzled "What do you mean?" I asked, and she just smiled and

started walking away towards Caden and his gang of bad boys. I follow behind her making sure she doesn't do something stupid, I mean, this was the girls first party after all. "I wanna dance with the worst one of you boys." She said that and my mouth fell open, so did everyone else around.

In a matter of seconds I see a smile spread across Cadens lips. He started to get up and my heart stopped, I was scared of what it all meant. She just offered herself to a wolf. She had no idea what he would do it her. "NO, HELL NO BITCH."

Was all she had to say and Caden sat back down.. "Who the hell do you think you are little skank?" She continued, her venom spilling all over my new innocent friend. I was about to jump in and defend her when Catalina took the wheel herself.

"You must be used to girls cowering under your voice, right?" She asked Marie looking her dead in the eyes. I was shocked, I mean everyone was shocked. Caden had the biggest smile on his face and I wondered why? Why would he be smiling at a time like this?

"I am not that girl Marie, so do not step to me." She continued and at this point, I was scared for her life. She was yelling at Marie, the psychopathic demon. I looked over to my brother Stephan who looked amused at the sight in front of him but he noticed me glaring at him, silently pleading for him to step in.

"I will kill you little girl, I will yank your pretty little head right off your neck." She spit and everyone in the room knew exactly what she meant, and we knew she would do it. "Alright alright, no one is killing anyone tonight." Stephan finally steps in

"Only if she stays away from my man Stephan." Marie kept on, with fire dancing in her eyes. That is when a loud laugh erupted, and we all turned around and it was Catalina. I mean how much alcohol did this girl drink right?

"In your wildest dreams Marie, I will not stay away from him now." She yells and walks away, leaving everyone thinking she was insane. I mean, who the hell declares to not stay away from someones boyfriend in front of them, and even worse, in front of him..

"You are a magnet to insanity you know that?" Stephan laughed at me. My own brother was convinced I was insane for being her friend now.. "Do not judge her Stephan, you do not know her." I yell at him, surprising both of us by my reaction.

"What? Is she a witch or something? Is that why you are defending her, you found another just like you?" My brother questioned, making my blood boil "What the hell, Stephan someone might hear you." I whisper at him in anger

"Oh calm down little sister, no one would believe it anyway." He said and walked away from me.. I knew I was drawn to Catalina, I knew there was something about her, but I just do not think it is what my brother is accusing her of..

I run after her, I had to find out more, I needed to know more.. She was crazy, but it was amusing how I was drawn to her. I wanted to know what made her crazy come out to play tonight. I had a feeling this was the beginning of something BIG. I felt it in the air...



Caden DeLuca

A 23 year old sadistic, unmerciful, remorseless, arrogant and also impulsive character. On the other side, dedicated to those he loves and seductively charming, Nickname by many: Evil Incarnate

Just because you guys are awesome I will introduce you to another character as well.. :)

Marie Sinclair

Beautiful, evil and very calculating. She loves who she loves and when she makes you a target, she does not miss... Very, very psychotic.. Nickname by many: Demon


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