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The moment of impact


CHAPTER 1 ( The moment of Impact )

Raina Dammont wants what every 18 year old girl wants. Her own apartment after high school, a great job and loyal friends. She did not care much about falling in love, she wanted a college degree and her own empire by the time she was twenty three.

She worked so hard since she was 8 years old, all the way until now. She is still working hard. She only has one friend, and that is all she needed. Her best friend Amara King. "We need to get an apartment soon Raina." Amara said smiling bright at me

"Yea, try convincing my parents that." I respond taking a seat on my bed next to Amara. "You are 18 now and so am I, this should not even be a conversation. Look at us girl, we are in college." "I know, but my parents are not as understanding as yours."

Amara stands up in frustration and starts pacing around the room, wondering why I was so sheltered by my highly paranoid parents. "This is crazy Raina." She finally speaks.

I look up at her and smile, one of the saddest smiles. I felt so defeated, asking my parents would be helpless. "Amara, hey it is our first year of college, can we enjoy it. I mean, it is a blessing I am even aloud to go." I say laughing, and my best friend joins in while taking a seat by my side. ...............................................................

My dad is Simon Dammont, one of the most feared men in San Francisco. He owns most of the businesses, making him both loved and hated for his power. He is a powerful man, and he has an equally powerful woman by his side. Kim Dammont is my mother, and she is a strong powerful business woman.

Kim Dammont would happily burn down a building with everyone inside it, if it meant saving her husband. And he would burn down cities for her. For their daughter, their princess, an entire universe would be burned down in her honor. ................................................................

"You are our greatest creation Raina, that is why we protect you.Those are the words I heard from both my parents my entire life." I say while wrapping my arm around my best friends shoulder. She looks at me and smiles, one of her weak but lovely smiles.

"RAINA, COME DOWNSTAIRS." we hear the loud boom of my fathers voice startling both Amara and I. "What did you do now Raina?" My friend asks, probably feeling scared for me. "Nothing." I reassure her as we head towards my fathers voice.

As we approach my father, I notice he is standing next to three other men. I take a look at my best friend and silently ask her to leave and go home. She doesn't argue, she takes her exit. "Here I am, dad." I say as I take my stand next to him.

"Raina, your mother and I are going away for a while. We are leaving the country." My father speaks sounding a little off. "Is something wrong?" I ask him "No my dear, we just need to go handle some business over seas." My mother speaks, I had no idea she was even in the room.

"You will stay with Kai for the time we are away." She continues. "Kai?" I ask. "Yes, Kai is one of my trusted friends. He is going through some personal problems and needs a place to lay low." My father answers my question.

"You expect me to be here with a stranger?" I ask both my parents. "He is no stranger, he is one of your fathers oldest friends." My mother smiles at me before she continues. "You do not remember now, but he has helped babysit you in the past." She is now laughing.

"Your mother is right, he has done so in the past." My father chips in as if it made a difference. Right after his words, we hear a knock at the door. My mother rushes to open it, she seems a little too excited. "Kai, you made it." She squealed with delight.

I can honestly say, I am at a loss for words when I see the man who walks through the doors.

He has so many tattoos, and looked nothing like the men my father usually hangs around. This one was much younger, making me question how he can possibly be friends with my parents. He walks in a little bit more, and my dad is also smiling bright at him and I am stunned at his reaction.

"Simon, Kim, is this your daughter?" He asks looking at me. "Yes, she is a little bit older now." My mother answers and he smiles at me. "Hi little girl, my name is Kai." He says and my chest literally tightens. Did he just call me a little girl?

I could see my mom hold in a laugh, she knows how much I hate being called a little girl. "I do not need a babysitter dad." I speak to my father ignoring Kai. "Yes you do, and do not be rude Raina he was talking to you." My father says while pointing to Kai

I decide to keep ignoring this Kai "You always do this to me dad, when will you let up and allow me to be an adult!" I yell while walking to my room seething with anger. "Sorry, she will be a handful." I hear my dad tell Kai

"I can handle an angry teenager." I hear him answer back. This always happens, I think to myself pacing around my bedroom. My parents do not trust me, so much to the point of bringing a stranger to babysit me. I used to think; maybe when I turn 18 things would be different, but 18 seems to not be good enough.

Not for my parents and not for that mysterious stranger Kai. If I need to change to show them I am grown, that is what I will do. "Let the games begin." I say to my reflection in the mirror.

THIS WILL BE CONTINUED :) It will be written in different point of views as time goes.. You will get to know each main character

Author Side Note I am writing a few books at the moment.... Your reaction to them on here, Commaful is how I determine which ones are worth finishing and publishing.. I am bouncing ideas around... So please leave comments..

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