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Unknown faces


I see so many faces

Some happy Some sad Some smiling Some in pain

I hear hopelessness from across the room

Dressed as an older sick woman She is upset and hurting, complaining about the medical system

On the other side, you see a family talking and laughing.. I look at them trying to figure out why they are here None of them look sick, I guess maybe they are waiting for someone who is

Faces I see a lot of faces

Some of them look at me, trying to figure me out, some of them don't even notice me...

We are all waiting for our name to be called

Tick tick

Time keeps going

Tick tick A name is called and almost everyone looks Yet it's not them who was called

Faces I see faces

Faces in a St Joseph Hospital emergency room

I keep focusing on these people, so I can forget why I am here..

Why I'm here in the Emergency room

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