Covered Silence
Covered Silence collab stories

winterends Gotta eat the rich uncle - Donald Duck
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A collab between me and @00051370

Covered Silence

Love is but an illusion,

Here in this nightmare,

There is a problem but no solution,

Nothing here is fair...

My voice is silenced,

I cannot speak,

It is as my pain is licensed,

Suddenly the house stairs creak....

I saw the figure

Straight and tall

So unfamiliar

Not knowable at all

I try to reach forward

I try to scream

I only fall downward

Deeper into the horrible dream

I'm going insane,

I feel like my words are covered in tape,

Not being able to talk, cannot embrace the pain,

I don't think I can escape...

But the pain soon faded

And I felt some warmth

I was no longer behind bars gated

Hope was being formed

This was created by me and @00051370

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