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Hold onto that life that's precious to you, no matter how small


Trigger warning: Detailed description of death

"Where did I go wrong?..."

The girl shook something in her hands

Small and fading

Like a firefly upon the sunrise

She rubbed its head and shook it more

Gently but frantically

Water dripped from its mouth

From the girl attempting to pour new life into it

Through giving it nutrients and energy to keep on going

She stopped when the life opened its eyes and looked around

Relief washed over her

Was it working?

Did all this time spent trying to keep this poor thing alive finally work?

The life looked at her with wide, exhausted eyes

The girl smiled ear from to ear at her success

But it quickly faded

As the life's eyes closed and it began seizing

Mouth open and sides heaving

Head shaking up and down

Trying to keep itself alive

A futile attempt

And the girl knew this

Tears filled her eyes

She blinked them away

Her mind screamed in defiance

But she knew it was already in deaths claws

She pulled it close to her heart

And stayed still as possible

Letting the life try its best

At least it wouldn't die alone and cold

The life continued to seize

It was all the effort that it had in its small body

The girl held a gentle grip around it

Stroking its head to comfort it

For what seemed like eons

The life opened it eyes

And peeked its head up at the girl

It opened its mouth for one final peep

And then fell limp

Into an eternal slumber

Far below the surface

Deep within the sea of hope

Falling endlessly

Never hitting the bottom

Remembering and thanking the girl for what she did

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