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Take a deep breath. Exhale, and have faith. Whats meant to be, will be.

Tick Tock

The sound of a ticking clock echoed around me

I looked around and saw nothing

Tilting my head I asked no one in particular

"Where am I?"

No one responded

"Your own mind"

I narrowed my eyes towards where the voice came from

"This does not seem like my mind"

The voice chuckled

"You got me there"

The emptiness was ripped away

And everything around me was filled to the brim

The images

The images The sounds

The love

The love The hate

The pleasure

The pleasure The pain

The hope

The hope The fear

Things that warm your heart

Things that redden your face

Things that boil your blood

Things that chill your bones

The good and the bad


Tick Tock


Tick Tock


Think Thought


Think Thought

What were the thoughts going to destroy first?

Within me

Will my eyes implode first?

Will my eyes implode first? So I can no longer see those I love

Will my eardrums?

Will my eardrums? So I cannot listen to their dreams and worries

What about my lungs?

What about my lungs? So I cannot tell them what they mean to me

What about my heart?

What about my heart? So I cannot know the warmth they give me

How about my soul?...

How about my soul?... So I cannot feel how they make me feel

It overwhelmed me

And I fell

Screaming out for it to stop

But it didn't

I curled into a ball

And held my head

Digging my nails into my skull

Hoping the pain would block it out

But it didn't

And I continued to fall

All these thoughts and feelings enveloping me

Constricting my head tighter and tighter

Until I hit the ground

Stunned and helpless

Everything still swirling around

I listened to around me

And the clock echoing didn't stop

It never did

Even while I was falling

And then I understood

It wasn't a clock

It wasn't a clock It was a bomb

And it was inside my head

I opened my eyes

And gazed around

I saw a figure

And I reached out towards it

Seeking aid

"Please" I begged

"I don't want to stop thinking just yet"

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