The Night I Wished For
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Tell the stars everything you feel, and they will listen.

The Night I Wished For

We were there till sunset

Talking and laughing

Arguing and yelling

Discussing the future

And our plans with each other

Once the blanket of darkness settled on us

Melancholy came

And we all fell silent

It was cold

But I didn't mind

It felt good

A quiet chill of the night

Filled with the heavy music

Echoing from one of our phones

It poured into my ears

The lyrics fading into soft murmurs

The instrumentals resounding up to the stars

I closed my eyes

Forgetting myself for a few moments

Everything washing away

Especially the pain

Memories flashing softly through my mind

A smile lifted my lips

I opened my eyes

Dusted with tears

And lifted my head up to the stars

Peeking their head through the trees

Just barely visible through the streetlight

I leaned into the post against my back

And looked out into my front yard

I pushed myself up

And stepped down the stairs

Lightly and daintily

Out into the grass

It was wet

The droplets soaked my feet

Sending more chills up my spine

It felt good

It felt real

I wandered into the middle of my yard

And raised my head to the heavens

Admiring the constellations

And saying a silent prayer

My friend followed me

Her arms wrapped around her torso

She was silent since melancholy came

Thinking quietly to herself

I hoped her thoughts ceased like mine

She needed the solace

Her thoughts and memories were much louder than mine

She stepped up behind me in the grass

She admired the stars with me

I looked at her and wondered if she was talking to them like she normally does

Maybe I would try that one day

I lost myself in the blinking lights in the sky yet again

And once I snapped out of it

I looked at her

This time she had her hands over her face

Her hair concealing her

But her subtle motions gave her away

I hurried over and enveloped her in my arms

She didn't hesitate to lean against me

Still in that same position

Tremors from her silent sobs

Quaked through me

Leaving an aching feeling as they passed through me

And an ache in my heart

It ended all too quickly

As I let go begrudgingly

She uncovered her face

And smiled at me with sad eyes

But she was thankful

I put a hand on her shoulder and smiled back

Hoping my eyes told her enough

That I would be there for her through everything


We turned to our other friend

He had joined us in the grass

And we stared up letting our minds wander

One final time tonight

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