The Lunar Intercession (Prologue PT 1)
The Lunar Intercession (Prologue PT 1) story stories

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Something a little different! I'm way more adept at writing stories rather than poems and I'm back in my writing groove. Hope you all don't mind a little change of pace as I share this awesome idea with you guys!

The Lunar Intercession (Prologue PT 1)

"Are you sure you'll be okay, darling?"

I looked up at Mrs. Tenshi and nodded my head frantically.

"Mommy and daddy do this all the time, our maids always come to pick me up. Don't worry! I'll get home safe, I'm sure of it!"

I beamed happily at Mrs. Tenshi, hoping that my words eased her concern a little.

She looked at me with a sorrowful look in her eyes, then looked around the parking lot that she was directed to drop me off at.

She sighed and nodded, reaching out her hand to pat me gently on my head. I closed my eyes and relished the warmth of her hand seeping into the top of my head.

A gesture of affection that I treasured... A gesture that my parents deprived me of. She let go all too quickly. I opened my eyes and looked back up at her.

She smiled tenderly in response to my wide sparkling eyes. Full of wonder and happiness, hopeful ones that bore right into any adult's soul.

"Stay safe, Helene." She murmured.

"I will, Mrs. Tenshi." I brought my arms to my chest and excitedly leapt up. "Thank you so much for tonight! I had lots of fun!"

Her smile grew wider, but her eyes remained somber.

"Anytime, darling. I'll see you soon. Goodbye."

She began driving off, and I waved frantically after her thanking her at the top of my lungs and saying my goodbyes.

When her car was out of sight, I looked up at the setting sun and reached out towards it.

I wondered if the sun could see the joy and bliss in my eyes, as I watched the colors in the sky swirl around the big ball of fire that warms me and everyone in the world.

I wondered if the sun could hear the fantasies and goals reverberating in my heart. I hope it did. Because it would be with me every step of the way.

But so would the moon. Casting the same sorrowful look that Mrs. Tenshi did, down at me as I sobbed into my hands on the curb, still awaiting the arrival of the car to pick me up.

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