I'm Sorry I'm So Scared
I'm Sorry I'm So Scared fear stories

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Sing the melody of your fears before every battle. They are your warcry.

I'm Sorry I'm So Scared

Ive felt this way

Ive felt this way before

So why do I feel like ive lost a war?

This is different

Something that I can't seem to ignore

Somethings different

I feel like I can be myself

And it isn't like what ive had with anyone else

I put out my most inner thoughts

And you accept them without regards to the cost

I don't know what to do

Or how to feel

And despite this intense warmth in my chest

Im putting myself to the test

How long can I hold out?

Before I get too overwhelmed?

Before I get condemned?

Im scared...

Not just for me

But for you

And It hurts

Why can't I just stop being scared for once?

Why is it so hard for me to trust?

Maybe its because I still have these cuts...

The cuts that we both share

Cuts to our hearts

Cuts that faded into scars

When we went to each other for support

Alarms going off in my mind to tell me to abort

But I refuse

I will not give in and let it be cut short

This isn't new

But this is different

This is completely different...

This is a different war

And I know I can endure more

Im sorry Im so scared

But I swear

I will win

We will win

I can feel it within

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