I Wish I Could Remember How to Stand
I Wish I Could Remember How to Stand empathy stories

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"Let whoever is without sin among you be the first to cast a stone at her." John 8:7

I Wish I Could Remember How to Stand

I stared at the ground

On my knees hunched over

Hiding from the ones reprimanding me

Trying to cover my wrist

Branded by the universe of my greatest weakness

My deepest secret

My worst sin

Haughty laughs resounded around me

Rebuking me for something I couldn't control

Tears rolled down my cheeks

I moved my hand so my wrist was visible to me

Through the defeat in my eyes, I was able to make out

The brand of Lust

A goats head

Embedded in my skin

The most despised

But no one understands

That I've never felt the desire

That everyone associates lust with

All I've ever felt

Is the desire to be cherished

To be told that I am loved

And cared for

Someone who will tell me that I can make it

That's what I lust for

What I hope and pray for

But I have yet to be near it

So I must bear this brand

Until someone comes around

Who isn't defined by their sin

Someone with compassion

Someone with love in their heart

The voices around me grew louder

Full of hatred

"Kill her!"

"Throw her in a cell!"

"Get rid of her before she can enact upon her heart!"

That isn't what's in my heart...

That was never in my heart...

The voices grew louder

I covered my ears with my hands

Wishing that this would end

I then heard a commotion

Footsteps scurrying back

And running





I peered up and saw a girl

Standing in front of me

She was wearing a sleeveless shirt

Something no person in this world would dare to wear

She had a lion on her wrist


She continued to criticize the crowd


I heard a few sleeves being pulled up

"Tch. Typical."

"You prides and envies live up to your pitifully low expectations"

"So you all want her dead?"

She looked back at me with a kind smile

The crowd roared

Fury enveloped her face and she whipped around to face them

She began laughing

A mocking laugh

The same tone of voice that was directed at me

Directed at them

She raised her arms

"Then let whoever has not sinned strike first"

"Whoever has not thought or acted upon their hearts desire"

"Let them be the one to begin her execution."

The crowd went silent

A few stepped back in fear

The girl dropped her hands

And on her other wrist

Was a dove

"That's what I thought."

"Who do you people think you are?"

"Criticizing another human just like you"

"One who has enacted upon their heart just like anyone else"

"But you don't know her."

"You don't know what kind of lust she desires"

"It's not just sexual you single-minded maggots"

"Posers, the lot of you"

"You don't understand that our brands are here to make us grow"

"None of you even entertained the thought, have you?"

"But you think we're in Hell already"

"That we can do whatever we damn well please because our brands are open to others"


Some in the crowd fell back in fear

"Remember this."

"We are not defined by our sins"

"We are defined by our growth"

She showed her wrists

"And this is the outcome."

"Now begone!"

"May God have mercy on your miserable souls"

She turned to me and held out her hand

I stared at her for a few moments

And cried out in agony

She knelt down and grabbed my branded wrist

I looked back up at her

She had something glimmering in her eyes I had never seen before


She smiled

"We'll get through this together"

"Can you stand?"

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