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My arms will forever be your protection and refuge

His Duty

Pastel colors swirled across the dimming sky

Creamy clouds bounced across the setting sun

Crystal waters calmly lapped at the golden sands

And the gentle sound of the breeze filled his ears

He stretched out comfortably towards the sea

A small smile breaking through his stoic expression

He scanned the beach on both his sides

Looking for a sign of danger

But he was supposed to be relaxing

And it was getting harder and harder to contain himself

The atmosphere enticing his playful side

His smile widened upon a thought

And he turned around

A dainty figure laid asleep in the dunes

A fragile baby held against her

Both their sides rising and falling gently

He tiptoed over and crouched down

Looking upon his wife and child

Pride and bliss crossed his face

But thoughts deep within his memory contrasted

Brutal bloody battles

Hearts broken

Friends and family lost

Enemies conquered

They had done it all

Experienced it all


But it was over


No more war

No more sorrow

Not anymore

Not as long as they were around

Pride swelled in his chest even more

He pushed away the thoughts of the past

And leaned over his wife

Placing a gentle kiss on her forehead

And gingerly scooped up his daughter from her arms

Holding her in his

He held her tiny face in his rough hands

Keeping his grip as soft as possible

She was his

And his wifes

She was theirs

And no one could take that away

He looked back at his wife

Who was already awake

She smiled up at him

And he smiled back

She sat up and leaned over their daughter

Who had fallen back into a peaceful sleep

He pressed his forehead against his wifes

And held their daughter between them

He closed his eyes

And murmured a few words

"I love you"

"And I will protect you"

"It is my duty"

"One that I cherish"

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