Be Resilient like a Chicken
Be Resilient like a Chicken chicken stories

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Cowardice does not lie within even a simple chicken

Be Resilient like a Chicken

People always associate chickens with cowardice

What if I told you that they're far from it?

I've experienced the growth of my own generations

From egg to laying hen

From cockerel to prideful rooster

And continuing on their own generations

Chickens are far from cowards

They carry a powerful name upon their shoulders

As one of the closest living relatives of dinosaurs

More specifically

The mighty t-rex

Ferocious and brutal

But what if I told you they had a soft side?

This is evident in chickens

They might be prey

But they will fight for their lives with all they have

Whether that be against a teeny mouse

Or a terrifying hawk

Both are the same in a chicken's eyes


This instinct is for a reason

To protect their friends

Their family

Sound familiar?

They're just like us

Chickens have personalities

Emotions that they act upon

So why are chickens considered cowards?

When they fight against anything that threats them

With every ounce of their being

Why is calling someone a chicken a bad thing?

When chickens are the most ferocious beasts out there

Tearing foe apart piece by piece

Caring and cherishing their family

Content and proud in their flock

Sometimes even attacking each other

...just like humans

So tell me

Are you a chicken?

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