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If your desire is valid it shouldn't need to be kept secret. Secrets come from fear. Change comes from courage.

Secret Desire

by windsomelight

You know they say

everyone has something they want, but doesn't talk about

Some quiet thought

Some secret desire

You don't want others to know

Something a little... different

That society doesn't want you to have

to fulfill

to express



society. . . ugh. If only there was a way to be free

From its oppressive forcing of values

Because you know. . . society wants you to suppress your desires

It's not like you have the presence of mind to think beyond your primordial subconscious impulses

no choice

but to give


no matter where it takes you

and that's what they don't tell you.

They only say start, they don't say where to end.

It's not just society.

It's not just traditionalism.

It's not just suppression.

Conscience is real. Truth is real. And no one seems to want to admit it.

But does that change anything?

I'm not perfect.

And I won't ever pretend to be.

But if I must keep a desire secret

I must also ask why.

Because of. . . society?

Lol. Who cares.


Flawed reasoning at its core.

Then why?

Perhaps there's something


My secret desires. . . I don't want them

If they won't stand out in the open

Because I won't be a slave to my own heart

I'll conquer it

That is true freedom.

That is true bliss.

Don't let society tell you otherwise.

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