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dust and shadows don't burn the way we do

inspired by @rain 's story :)

life of death and life

by windsomelight

light up the heavens, torch it all

but why stop at the sky let the fire fall

down to the mountains and valleys and people and oceans and cities and lovers and forests and bodies and breath and dust and shadows

dust and shadows. . . except those don't actually burn very well

dust and shadows aren't worth saving.

but they aren't worth burning either.

so do they matter or don't they

if they're worth fueling fire

all that has life is destined to die. what's new.

but really, if something lasts forever, what is its value?

Thank God we don't live forever. Thank God there's a limit.

Thank God we have a chance to love life while we live it.

A chance to fight

A chance to cry

A chance to make

A chance to survive

to complete or to kill

we have free will

Some have twisted their chances to taint those of others

But you still have a chance

to rise up and recover

Someone gave it to us

is it really ignorant

To destine something to die

If life is better transient?

dying from dying from death and we live.

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