Trickle in the Dark
Trickle in the Dark feeling scene stories

windingdarkness Community member
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A shorter than short story that reflects, with far too many adjectives, what one might feel in the dark.

Trickle in the Dark

Do you see it? There! those daunting shadows, for no dim illuminations can pierce these shade trees. The watchmen hunch beyond the clearing, lengthy dirks sure their hands.

Your back's upon the cave's palm, damp now from the thunderous skies. The cliff rises endless, no threat that way. No, that lie before you, shaded ones with razor-like blades.

Do you hear them? Strange watchmen of the night. They stalk you, quietly, in the recesses of your sight. Do you fear them? They wield hungering blades. They choke on their stomachs and heave with their thirst.

Do you feel it? That crack in the shadows, the flow of water through your fingers like spring ice melting in the palm of your hand.

The endless river of this cavernous hole and its only sound save the crackling thunder as the storm casts its scorn.

Follow that trickle, that trickle in the dark, and home will it take you, from this perilous night.

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