My millions of friends
My millions of friends  friends stories

wind_master Hi I'm a gamer and a Christian ✝️✝️🙏😇
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My friends;)

My millions of friends

And @caldafox of course I would never forget u, u are so great amazing and special never lose hope my wisdom friend 😌

Okay so I haven't told u but I have ALOT of friends like almost 10, so here i am going to mention them :)

1.Red Lightning Hero She is the #1, she is awesome sassy and a great gamer, and an angel as myself 😇😇

2.Destiny That cute little girl from anon yep we've been friends since she was born and she is so kind and modest and very nice

3.Ice Master She is another demon fighting angel who loves crafts and loves the Book of Psalms and I love playing with her :)

4.Wave Queen She is so nice and confident she may look shy at first but she is NOT afraid anymore and she has been training using Psalm 94

5.Moss Queen She is so independent and brave and trustworthy and loves being noticed and is free to fight and be happy, and the a brave angel indeed ×3

And last but DEFINITELY NOT LEAST izzzz....

@btsismybias U have been there for me and Destiny, so thank u soooo much :)))

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