The Stars in Us
The Stars in Us sky stories

willyoumaryme 8teen, weirdo & hopeless romantic
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A short story about love. About a couple whose love
will forever be cherished and remembered in the stars.

The Stars in Us

Do you see all those stars up there?

Do you see those shinny little dots in the night sky?

All those galaxies waiting to be discovered by us?

All those stars...

They remind me of you.

Of all those nights I spent looking at the sky,

Getting lost in thoughts of you,

Wishing upon a star for one more day with you.

One more kiss.

One more hug.

One more memory.

I'm laying here just looking at them,

Remembering when you taught me the constellations,

Remembering those kisses under the moonlight,

Remembering those stories you told, while holding me close.

They are beautiful.

They still are as stunning as you once made me believe.

These are our stars.

The stars that bring us close.

They are always there,

Giving me this warm feeling inside.

This feeling that I always get with you.

They remind me of you.

Cause you are the one I love.

You are the one I will always love.

No matter what.

My heart is yours, my love.

These stars are yours.

I love the stars.

Now even more.

Because, now,

You are one of them.

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