The Mystery Train
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All aboard the mystery train!

The Mystery Train

by Mary

Where am I going?

Why did I board this train?

This train with no destination?

This train of dreams and expectations,

Hopes and frustrations.

This train you can't abandon.

This train that never stops.

This train full of people.

Sometimes you come across someone

Who can change the route of the train.

Sometimes they do,

Sometimes, they're just bystanders.

When they change the train,

They change everything.

They can lead it to a dark deep forest,

Or they can lead it to a beautiful horizon.

Either way, you'll feel it.

You'll feel the change.

You'll feel the train turning in another direction.

It can be scary.

You'll feel your stomach turn

And you'll see your window view change

As the train keeps going

And going

And going.

You don't know when it will stop.

You don't know when you'll reach the end of the line.

Or how you'll reach it

Or if you'll jump out of the train

Or how it looks like outside the window glass.

You don't know what path the train will go through.

This train is unpredictable,

But you still get in.

Without knowing anything,

You still buy a ticket.

A ticket for this insane ride.

A ticket for this spontaneous trip.

You still buy a ticket for this mysterious train.

This train called life.

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