The Deafening Song
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The story of 2 people playing the same song, but both deaf to it.

The Deafening Song

by Mary

Do you see this guitar?

Can you hear this melody?

This melody I'm playing just for you?

This song I'm singing from the bottom of my heart?

I want you to hear it.

And I know you see me,

But the sound doesn't reach you.

You have these headphones in your ears

Blasting this other song.

I can hear it, you know?

It's the song you've been hearing for quite some time now.

The song I was hoping you had skipped.

The song called 'Insecurities'.

That catchy song that drowns everything around you,

The song you don't like,

But it's too captivating to stop listening.

Each time you hear it,

The volume goes up.

Until it deafens you.

And keeps you from hearing other songs.

It keeps you from hearing MY song.

This song I wrote just for you.

This song full of love,

Love for you.

The thing is,

It also keeps you from hearing your own song.

That song I see you play.

The song I also can't hear.

Because of these headphones,

Booming 'Insecurities' loud and clear.

This song I've been addicted to,

For far too long.

So why don't we take these headphones off,

Write a duet

And play it together

For the rest of our lives.

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