Last Bite Part 2
Last Bite Part 2 magic stories

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Mothers voice rings in my head while my brain begins to pound away. The only way it will stop is if I go to the fridge and take a bite of that damn cake. I walk over to our fridge and open it up only to see nothing but one lonely piece of chocolate cake. I pick it up and start my inspection. I give it a good few shakes to see if it's moist.

Last Bite Part 2

Mothers voice rings in my head while my brain begins to pound away. The only way it will stop is if I go to the fridge and take a bite of that damn cake.

I walk over to our fridge and open it up only to see nothing but one lonely piece of chocolate cake. I pick it up and start my inspection. I give it a good few shakes to see if it's moist.

It jiggles around inviting me to take a bite and give in to my mother's wish. But I put it down not wanting to cave to my mother's will.

I turn to walk back into my room when I hear a soothing motherly voice come from behind me.

"What's wrong sugar am I not sweet enough for you," The motherly voice says.

I turn around but don't see anyone there. My mind is too hurt by my mother's' words for me to process reality.

I open the medicine cabinet and take six pills of ibuprofen to numb my mother from my mind, a mild dosage compared to other days.

"Aren't you taking to many of those? You know they will destroy your liver over time darling," The motherly voice comments.

"Who are you why can I hear your voice," I scream out loud like a mad person.

"Sugar, I'm the slice of moist chocolate cake you were about to devour."

"I think it finally happened, my mothers' words have driven me to the point to death that now I am hearing you."

"Not quite, sweetheart, I was sent here to be your guardian and help you on your journey to becoming plumper.

That way you won't end up being some stick that no one wants to look at especially when you're old."

"How do you know that my mother wants me to gain weight? That she thinks if I don't begin to look better, I'll end up being a bitter old woman with no one by my side," I said.

"Sounds to me like your mother is a smart woman that is looking out for you. No wonder she bought me for you to eat," Cake said.

My mind is filled with nothing but endless questions.

Why is a fucking piece of chocolate cake able to talk to me? Why did my mother think her giving me a guardian piece of cake was a good idea?

And what am I even doing here still doing in this crazy house?

I try to walk out of the kitchen, but fear won't allow my body to move. Instead, I open a kitchen cabinet on my right and pull out a butter knife.

Once I stab this piece of cake it will stop talking and this fever dream of mine will finally come to an end.

I walk over to the chocolate cake with a fork in my left hand and the knife in my right. This cake is probably excited now, with her thinking I'm about to eat her and gain all those pounds.

Sadly, she is wrong, I will kill her and along with her death, my mother's dream of making me big will die too. I place my fork on her frosting and begin to play with it.

I slowly raise up my knife and stab her right through the middle. My heart rate begins to go down and for the first time in a long time, I feel somewhat accomplished.

Until I hear my mother's words in real time.

"I see that the little slut is having fun killing her breakfast this morning. Tell me how it feels to be such a skinny little murderer?" My mother says in a smudged voice.

"What are you talking about? This slice of cake you bought me was far too big Eva I was cutting it in half, so I could save some for later."

"Oh Sugar, not only are you a skinny murder, but you also are a terrible liar. Can I be any more right Eva dear?" Cake says.

"Right" Eva laughs.

I pop up and take a few steps back.

I begin to freak out, how can this cake be talking to me with a knife down the middle of it? Was the piece of cake not lying earlier when she told me Eva bought her to help me gain weight?

I can't be in this insane asylum of a house anymore, either this is really happening to me or I have the biggest case of schizophrenia known to man.

I turn away prepared to run straight to the driveway where I can race away from this nightmare when I hear two voices.

"Stop," Eva yells.

"You can't go anywhere until you're done eating me up," The cake smoothly adds.

"Wait, Eva you have to be kidding me, you actually bought a talking piece of chocolate cake that would also shit talk me into gaining weight."

"That's right little girl obviously my words alone haven't made you gain any weight after all these years.

I decided to get some back up to help me," Eva said while trying not to laugh her ass off.

For my whole life, my mother has wanted me to gain weight. She would take to the doctors to get checked only to be told that I was perfectly fine.

After those visits, she would get angry and drive me to the nearest fast food location. Slices of pizza would be forced down my throat. No matter what she made me eat I wouldn't gain the weight.

This would cause her to become even more angry with me whenever the two of us were at home at the same time.

Is she really that desperate for me to gain weight that she would buy this devilish cake for me?

"Where did you even find a talking piece of cake in the first?" I asked.

"Well before I went out to the club last night I decided to stop at the supermarket. Once inside I wandered over to the bakery where I found a cute guy working behind the counter.

He told me that I had a sad look on my face and told me he could solve my problem," Eva replied.

"Let me guess, that problem of yours was me, wasn't it?" I said

"You're exactly right sugar, that's when the baker made me with his special ingredients.

A talking piece of cake that would help your mother solve her biggest problem you," The cake said with far too much sass.

I can't take this anymore. This will be my final breaking point. I've had to deal with this woman who is supposed to be my mother for far too long.

How is it that Eva hates me so much that she would go out of her way to find some magical baker who would design a cake to help her fix me?

My father dying couldn't have caused her to end up like this, it must be another reason she is so hellbent on making me bigger.

I've decided that I will no longer let my mother's word hurt me, instead I will use my voice to hurt her.

"Why are you like this? I'm your daughter and I act like it but you're my mother and you don't act like it.

Eva, you're just a bully who picks on someone weaker than them because you are far too fragile inside. Are you like this because of dad dying on us?"

"Are you joking Jada? You think I'm just some pathetic woman that could never get over her husband's death, so she torments her daughter because it reminds her too much of him.

Well, you're wrong. But I can tell you that you're making me furious right now," Eva said.

I've never seen Eva this mad before. I just want to know why she hated me so much. The only way I can calm her down now is if I do take a bite from that chocolate piece of cake.

I walk over and take the knife out of the cake. I grab my fork and pinch off the tip of cake and begin to eat it. I've never tasted anything like it in my life.

The cake was so moist it melted at the mere touch of my tongue, chocolate poured down my throat as if it was completely liquid.

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