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Willow's friend Roylun on this random day called and shocker here wanted advice cause he recently got some nice pointers on how he can improve his lovelife by Willow's other friend Hailey and he has had some flings with girls but Roylun admit he actually has the most feelings for Hailey but is unsure she would like him but thinks she should.


Willow's friend Roylun on this random day called and shocker here wanted advice cause he recently got some nice pointers on how he can improve his lovelife by Willow's other friend Hailey and

he has had some flings with girls but Roylun admit he actually has the most feelings for Hailey but is unsure she would like him but thinks she should.

Its just Roylun once again not wanting to face rejection so Willow simply told him to come over and they will invite Hailey too and the three will sort this all out together.

Roylun thanked Willow and now Willow is waiting for their two friends to show up. "I don't like flings and most girls either think im not as good as I say or they arent as good as they say.

But I think with Hailey it would be better.

She cannot be any more upfront and honest with her feelings,

" Roylun was going on and on him first one to get to Willow's house so Willow was in living room beside Roylun chatting with him on the couch. "Yes im sure Hailey would answer honestly.

If she hadn't cared about you in the first place I don't think she would have even offered to give you the pointers on how to pick up the girls you did." "That's true," Roylun agreed.

"So on a side note, whats this I hear about you going out with Lordie. Who is also with Emerson. Kinda surprised you'd agree to dating.

You don't seem like the type to just date out on a whim to me." Willow sighed nodding. "Yes I know I was just as shocked that I said yes.

You see at first Emerson came to me wanting me to tell Lordie that he likes him but Lordie had told me he likes me so its some love triangle.

Not much different then the love triangle that Limella and Bumble are now in if they both decide to officially date Baxton." "I suppose not.

" Soon Hailey arrived and Willow went down to greet her Roylun staying in the living room probably sweating all nervously reciting what he is gonna say to her or something.

"Hello Willow, so tell me again exactly what made you wanna invite me over?

Is Roylun upstairs did he put you up to this I bet he did I wanna see him," Hailey finished her the one to lead the way inside right straight up the stairs to the living room eyeing Roylun.

He grinned standing up off the couch now coming over running his fingers through his hair.

"You are so good at knowing what the right love lines and actions are to get more women to like me Hailey.

You have taught me very valuable lessons and helped me improve my flirting skills and got me quite a few ladies but im looking for the one true love and I see her right in front of me.

I want you Hailey. I am gonna get you. Lets do it. Be my lady my dear." Hailey half smirked pulling him in for a quick kiss. "Better but still needs practice. Sure. I'll give you a chance sir.

" "How did you learn so much might I ask?" Willow asked as Roylun briefly left to head to the bathroom. Hailey shrugged. "All I know I mostly had to find out for myself.

Through my own experiences with dating men and from researching things. I wanted to help Roylun out he has struggled with this love thing for a very long time I think." Willow nod.

So soon both Roylun and Hailey left but not before Roylun hugged Willow thanking them for helping him be with Hailey. "No problem, seems im everyones matchmaker lately.

" After they left Willow received a call from one of their other friends Icee them wanting Willow to stop over and visit. So Willow drove over there now.

Icee was eating popcorn in a adorable bunny suit watching a cartoon Willow literally went all the way upstairs before Icee noticed.

"Oh hello Willy how have you been?!" Icee asked running over and jumping right into Willow's arms. Willow smiled.

Icee is the only one who calls Willow that so they do have a special connection for sure.

"Hey Icee how are you doing lately?" Icee smiled heading back over to the couch patting the spot beside them. "Sit now.

I want us to share popcorn and finish watching my cartoon then we will talk.

" Willow did as Icee asked, knowing very well that Icee has a tendency to behave like a child and throws temper tantrums if you dont do what they say.

Icee leaned their head on Willow's shoulder and soon layed right down laying their head on Willow's lap. Willow smiled down at their special friend. "I really miss hanging out with you Icee.

We used to be so close..." Willow trailed off as Icee suddenly was playing with the zipper on Willow's jacket. "I know.

Then you went and made more friends! Well don't worry two of your friends are mine too now and they are coming over to eat and have a party with us!!

" Willow's eyebrows furrowed Willow gently reaching down and stroking Icee's cheek Icee catching their hand. "Will I wanted to be with you. But then I heard you ended up with Lordie.

So I chose to be with Candy. Candy and Arctic are pretty cool but nothing like you Will.

I want to live with you and you can read me bedtime stories and watch cartoons with me and play dollies with me and also we can play dressup and you can give

me bubble baths and-" Willow covered Icee's mouth eyes watering as suddenly flashbacks of what they did way back when they were young came back into their mind.

"Back in school even we were practically dating weren't we? I used to always come over and I would take care of you.

I stuck up for you when the other kids in our class found you odd for being so childish. We were inseparable. But its ok times have changed. I'm with Lordie and you can be with Candy yes.

" Icee now suddenly shut the cartoon off and stood with crossed arms Willow finding themselves gulping. But then Candy and Arctic came.

Willow smiled seeing the two holding hands and Candy gave Arctic a peck on the cheek before hugging and kissing Icee. Arctic now motioned Willow to follow them into a separate room. Willow did.

"Willow, I love Candy. Really I do. But she can be a little too overwhelming like she really wants us to do it. But like im not ready for that.

Please like I need help or something I don't know what to do. I don't wanna break up with her. But if she don't give me space I may." Willow gave a nod patting Arctic on the back.

"Listen Arctic, I am gonna have a chat with Candy. Ok? Something tells me Icee wont wanna do it right away with her either. Candy will be mostly romantic with you after I talk to her.

" "Thanks," Arctic said following Willow out the room.

"Candy may I have a word with you?" Candy turned and nod following Willow into another room Icee now deciding to talk to Arctic to pass time. "What is it Willow?" Candy asked.

"Have you been nice to Arctic? I mean I know you have been but they just told me they get nervous how much you imply you wanna do it. Arctic and Icee arent ready for that." Candy gave a nod.

"I know that I will wait for as long as they need but I will do it one day with them just not now.

Anyways how is you and Emerson doing dating Lordie? Rumor is you guys don't do it either and neither does Bluey or Sanford.

Limella and Bumble may do It with Baxton and maybe Hailey and Roylun are making love now as well.

Grapeo and Viviee arent quite a thing yet and lastly Mimi and Linden do it a lot along with Adriun and Naomi.

Oh did you know Naomi is also dating your friend Mello but they arent ready to tell anybody yet? Oh wait my bad!" Willow's eyebrows furrowed. "No I'll have to see them sometime.

" Willow soon just left Candy and Arctic with Icee but later got a call that Icee still wants to hang out very soon despite being with Candy. "Ok Icee focus on her now." Icee groaned into the ph

one. "But I didn't even wanna date! I shouldn't have said yes!! You shouldnt be with Lordie either!!! This isnt fair!!!!" "Icee calm down. I told you we will hang out again. Go to bed." "Ok then


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