female reader musician x 7 celebrities (chapter 3 part 2)
female reader musician x 7 celebrities (chapter 3 part 2) ruby rose stories

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chapter 3 part 2 is here

female reader musician x 7 celebrities (chapter 3 part 2)

Chapter 3: Surprise Celeb Meet-Up (continued)

It was silent me and Elly going to the movies once there i sat in between Elly and Adam,

Melanie straight behind me with Billie and Ruby on either side of her while Marshmello sat beside Adam and Skrillex beside Elly.

The movie featured a intimate scene and i blushed heart racing as i had felt Melanie wrap her arms around me from behind and lean closer to whisper "We're always this close, almost, almost,

" me now smiling knowing it was from her song Carousel. After the movies to their dismay i had declined staying the night at the hotel.

"Sorry i will get to talk to you all some other time," i said waving and not even hugging them just heading to my vehicle them all trailing behind me.

"Aww come on are you sure you won't stay (your stage name)?" Adam asked sadly. "Yeah stay please," Sonny said and Marshmello said "your breaking our hearts.

" "Fine," i said as all seven made me feel guilty for refusing.

At the hotel while Sonny, Marshmello, Billie and Ruby had no trouble drinking and partying, me, Melanie, Elly and Adam avoided alcohol just chatting.

It was an ok night and Sonny and Chris aka Marshmello shared a room with separate beds, Adam getting the couch in the room.

Billie and Ruby shared a room and Melanie hesitantly slept on the couch in the room while i shared a room with Elly. I did eventually sleep.

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