Knockout Punch
Knockout Punch romance stories
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He took his shoes off before he jumped

Knockout Punch

She came from a broken home

She moved to New York to become an editor

He fled Belfast City to make his way as a fighter

After his brother was blown up in a car bombing

It was summertime when the ocean breeze

Climbs up the hills, flows through the fields into the trees.

He could see the harbour. He could see the city lights

The tall buildings, the millions of people

He was alone, lonely, alien, afraid.

Their paths intersected by mere chance

By the ball fields on the edge of town

Their eyes met each other

As a summer storm blew in over the field

The grey clouds rumbled

And rained down on them

They ran into the trees for cover

In their scant summer clothes.

Their heads turned slowly as their eyes met for a second time

The laughter started when he said the rain ruined his haircut

They embraced

They kissed

They made love in the rain

She took him back to her place and did it all over again

He moved into her apartment on the ugly side of town

They would talk about the state of things

The pandemics, the hysteria, the great writers

The music, the people they hated, the people they loved

They were at home with each other

One day he woke up to find

She had gone

And not left a single thing behind

No note, not even a goodbye

He never fought another fight

He drove around town for days chain smoking cigars

The ones she hated the smell of but told him he looked

He looked like a movie star when he smoked them

He went to the undertaker and asked if they did walk-ins.

He drove up the mountain

Where people dumped their garbage

He looked down the cliff to see the unwanted refuse.

"That's me." he said.

His body was never found

The undefeated fighter met his match.

She delivered the knockout punch.

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