Neopheron: All Entries
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A thief writes in a stolen diary.

Neopheron: All Entries


Dear Diary: Today I stole a little girl's backpack and found you in it. Gotta make use of you somehow.

Heh, I can only imagine how Mother would feel if she knew I've resorted to robbing little kids. I can't say if she'd be proud of my audacity, or disappointed in the meagerness of the pickings.

Well, she and Father taught me everything I know, so I can't be blamed for my lot.

Shame for the girl, but hey, you do what you have to do to survive, am I right? Damned splendid little conversationalist you are, huh? Never understood the appeal of these things.


Old Machron finally moved on. Damn shame, but that's what happens to scum like us I suppose.

Living on the streets ain't exactly the wonderful dream that I'm just sure all the kids are fantasizing about nowadays.

But then, who am I to say that any of those sheep that flood the streets are getting much better.

Of course Mach went and left his damned kid and I wasn't in any position to deny the brat a little help. Despite what happened, the brat wouldn't quit talking.

I don't think he quite understands that his old man ain't coming back. Brat's kinda got the same deal I got. Oh damn. Didn't mean to start getting all introspective.

Old Mach woulda gotten a real kick outta this.


Tried to teach that damn brat how to get by on his own. Apparently old Mach never got around to teaching him how to steal. Brat's lucky I haven't decided to leave yet.

He doesn't seem too upset at his old man's death. Heh, I guess that's our difference right there.


Kid managed to pull off a damn pick off some old hag.

About time, I was beginning to think he'd never learn, hell, I was almost proud too, but guess what the brat goes and says? "Won't that lady need her money too?" Hah! I almost laughed.

In disgust mind you.

Where does this brat think he is? What, did old Mach neglect to mention that we live in a goddamn alley?

Unbelievable! Little brat needs to learn that life's just a big game, and we're losing it. If we want to win, we have to feed off of the weak.

You don't get anywhere worrying about others and if you see a chance, you better damn well take it. Told him his dad woulda said the very same and I sent him to bed.

Kid needs to learn to think about himself for a change, and to quit smiling all the goddamn time. He's sleeping in an old blanket on the side of the damn streets for god's sake.


Things are starting to look up around here. Kid seems to have learned a thing or two and started thinking for himself while he was at it. Came home the other day with two wallets in his pocket.

Course, one of them was nearly empty mind you, but hey, not every pick is lucky. Kid even went and stole me a pen from a bank teller today after I lost my other one. Naturally I snapped at him.

Told him to quit thinking about others for at least one day. But I did need a pen. I can only wonder if he knew it was my birthday. Happy 42nd to me.

Hopefully the kid will be able to carry on by himself in a while.


Goddammit. I accidently called the kid Neto today. I managed to cover it up alright, but I'm worried I might be becoming a little too attached to him at this point. Neto's dead.

He's dead, and this kid ain't ever going to replace him. This is Mach's kid, not mine. I gotta remember that.


Damned little brat told me he thinks my father wouldn't have stolen. Where the hell does the brat get off talking about my damn family? He doesn't even know them. Brat was asking to be hit.

Of course that just made it even less satisfying. You can't get nowhere in life being considerate of the weak. Let your guard down for a second and people take advantage of ya.

The people up in the skyscrapers ain't considerate. The people flooding the streets ain't considerate.

Brat thinks the world's a beautiful freaking paradise, but if that's the case then why are both of our families dead? Why am I raising you instead of your parents?

Why was I born to two dirt poor parents in Egypt only to be sent to this American hellhole when my parents died? Why did I become a father, just to have Neto...

just to have him taken away from me? Why is Linda buried, when she should be here with me? Why is life such a goddamn mess!?

Damned brat needs to learn that he's all alone in this world and that he won't get anywhere being "considerate."


This is Machron. Sorry about writing in your book Neo, but you don't use it anymore.

I followed you out today and I felt like I needed to talk to somebody about it, but I didn't think you'd want to hear that I'd followed you. Maybe you'll see this someday.

I didn't know about Linda and Neto until today. I think you might have mentioned them by accident a few times. You must really miss them.

I've been with you for almost five years and I never realized you were visiting them every month until now. I never met her, but I wish Linda had been here with us.

I feel like she would have been able to comfort you when you got angry. I suppose Neto would have been about three years older than me. I wish I could have met him.

If you raised him even half as well as you've raised me, I'm sure he would have been an amazing person. I want to thank you one more time for taking care of me for so long Neo.

But I know I'm not Neto. I know I'm not your family. I've noticed that you've been avoiding me a little recently, and I think I know why.

It would have been Neto's eighteenth birthday today, wouldn't it?

Listen Neo, I don't want to cause you any more pain than you have already endured, and I think I'll finally take your advice and try to make it on my own.

Thank you one last time for being like a father to me. Good bye.

-Machron (Junior) Mechnet.


Huh. How about that?


The kid ended up staying with me. Luckily he's finally figured out that life ain't fair. We all gotta fend for ourselves. Of course, that didn't stop him from getting an honest job.

He's been trying to get me off the streets too, but I've been denying him at every turn. I'm nothing but bad luck for him. Nearly got him fired the other day.

It would probably be for the best if I let him go. Or rather, if he let me go. Kid might've made it, but he was lucky. Society ain't meant to work out for all of us. It's kill or be killed.

I ain't gonna feel any better about it, but I do hold some respect for the honest. Funny how the tides have been turned. I didn't say goodbye. Thought it would hurt too much.

-Neopheron Pectat Pharot

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