Jessica's Final Test
Jessica's Final Test micro fiction stories

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Jessica's needs to successfully moor a subterranean vessel in magma in order to pass her instruction.

Jessica's Final Test

100 Word Micro-Fiction Challenge Genre: Sci-Fi Verb/ Action: Moor Words: Consequence, Emotion, Instruction

Breaching the magma's surface, the Grand Dock's lights flooded the subterranean vessel.

Guided by the sensors on her shaking hands, the ship approached the cranes used to lift the expedition vehicles to safety. Taking a deep breath, she did her best to expel any hindering emotions.

Making a mistake now could have dire consequences: for her, the ship, and the dock. Through the circular windshield she saw the Catcher wave her ahead.

With a swing of her hands, she rolled the vessel forward. On que, the Catcher hooked the vessel, completing Jessica's final test in her instruction; her first solo-moor.

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