A Final Map
A Final Map mapping stories

william_zircon Community member
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A mapping expedition goes fatally wrong.

A Final Map

Genre: Action/ Adventure Action: Drawing a map Word: Crunch

Aldous noticed the error on the third peak, and went to grab an eraser. A gust of wind forced the map from its board.


As he jumped to his feet, the rocks under him gave way, bringing Aldous down the hillside.

His fall was stopped when his knee crunched into a rock at the base of the talus.

His cry of pain echoed through the valley. Then he heard the rattling.

Head snapping left, he saw it.

Defensively coiled, tail shaking, the snake showed its fangs.

He grabbed a stone, the snake lunged. Fangs sinking into one hand, Aldous swung the stone.

As the sun set, they had each other for company.

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