Turn sadness into...
Turn sadness into... depression stories

willhazzard Community member
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Depression is an often misunderstood condition in which sadness tends try try and overrule people's happiness. With 'Turn sadness into...' i hope to change lives for the better and allow people to realise that they can be happy and shouldn't let depression overrule them.

Turn sadness into...

When times are hard And you feel like giving up Turn sadness into great Speak to people, find a mate

You may feel down But life will get better Don't lose without putting up a fight Turn sadness into light

Turn sadness into good Believe it and you will You'll achieve what you never thought you could There's so much waiting over the hill

Turn sadness into love Just look and you will find You're never truly alone When peace is in your mind

Life is sweet It has been all along Everything has a meaning Turn sadness into strong

Life's too short to dwell So live it make it last Do what you've always desired Sadness is the past

By Will Hazzard

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