Life with Tourette's
Life with Tourette's poetry stories

willhazzard Community member
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Life with Tourette's Is one of the first poems I have wrote regarding my conditions and life experiences. I wish to inspire others and share experiences to make others feel less alone in their daily life.

Life with Tourette's

Life with Tourette's Is like one big test You think you did worse than the rest But it actually turns out youre the best!

You worry, you cry You wonder why you even try You feel its time to say goodbye Yet there's a little glimmer of hope inside

See, I've had this all my life I was diagnosed in year five Over the years I've had many thoughts arrive Like I wish I wasn't alive

But all of that I've managed to overcome And im still only twenty years young I look forward to many years to come Im grateful for the help I've had from everyone

I don't think of Tourettes as a disability, Instead i call it a possibilty To become who I've always wanted to be An inspiration to all those around me

To achieve is what I want to do To believe is what i want others to You don't believe what we know is true We're all special, and so are you

By Will Hazzard

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