Color of The Mirror
Color of The Mirror poem stories

willfree77Just a writin & readin fella
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A poem about rational optimism.

Color of The Mirror

I’m searching for the color of the mirror

It’s cursing me with blessings getting clearer

A wave is both the coming and the going

And fate is both the plunging and the flowing

But if I just went under would I hear her?

Would the universe’s thunder volunteer her?

I wait upon its drumming as I’m floating

In a state of becoming, never hoping

Then wickedness scorches as the day is done

Am I Icarus or Galileo’s Sun?

Yes maze is both the hunting and the growing

The craze is both the dumbing and the knowing

I know Plato’s thesis: he’d say ‘maybe one’

I suppose I’m Prometheus making puns

Trance state is oncoming, I watch it glowing

To the gate, as I’m running, stopwatch-smoking

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