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She Loves Him More

by JJ

She likes His kisses.

She likes His smiles.

She likes everything about him.

She likes the way that he writes for her. The way that he says he needs her.

He likes her kisses. He loves her, so he says.

But tell me now, Does he know what she means when she leaves things unsaid?

Does he know what she means when she's crying for "no reason"

Does he know how to hold her just right to make her feel better?

He says he knows better than anyone. He says that he loves her.

Who wouldn't love him? A guy who writes poems about how deeply in love he is.

A guy that would give "anything" for her kisses, her love.

Define your love, boy.

My moon, is not to be mistreated.

She is not to be left alone, stuck pondering on her own thoughts while she cries herself to a stop.


Who gave you the right to love her? Who gave you the right to hold her?

She's. My. Moon.

Not yours.

So when she shows me your poems, I'll be "happy" for her. When I see that they say you love her kisses, I'll say I'm "glad"

Because she deserves that.

She loves you more.

Now I'm the one alone.

When she says to you, I love you more, you better say,

No you don't.

Because that's what she deserves. Not you.

Because in a sense, she really does love you more. She loves you more than me.

But she shouldn't love you more than you love her.

That's not what she deserves.

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