Jealousy Leads To Pain
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Jealousy Leads To Pain

by JJ

Jealousy drove me. I just sat in the passenger seat and enjoyed the ride. That was until, the ride slowed and jealousy said it had to die.

I begged and pleaded, "But we had such a good time!" Jealousy replied, "Look around. See what we did? We turned everyone against us. Just as you said,

'You telling me you know how I feel is like stabbing me in the chest and shooting yourself in the leg then telling me you know my pain. Our wounds are two totally different things,

in two totally different places, with two totally different weapons. Stop pretending.'"

I began to cry. And cry. And cry. "But jealousy! You don't have to die! You're all I had! You're all I need! Jealousy, I can't believe you're going to leave me!"

Jealousy gave a simple reply, "Darling, open your eyes."

As soon as I did, I saw the pain I put you through. All the stupid things that I did to you.

Pain held me close, hurt me more. "Close the stupid door. Don't look at them any more."

She loved a clock. She loved a boy. She loved everything but me. So I made her my toy.

"No more!" She begged. "No more!" She cried. I replied, "Hush, hush, child. It'll be alright."

She begged me, "Stop being so confusing!"

I didn't know what to do... "I don't want to blame you." That's when she snapped.

"Every mistake you make! It's suddenly MY fault! Step up to the plate or get the hell out!" "No..."

"PICK ONE THEN!" She cried out.

"Love me or don't... Stop dancing around!"

"My heart is no toy! You are no child! Pick one, I beg you!"

So I did. "I love you," I whispered. But by then she was gone.

"Come back..." I whispered, "I'm sorry it took so long..."


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