I can't
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wildanimal1165 Community member
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I can't

I just can't be what you want.

You want the sky, but I am just a star. You want the love but I am just part of a heart.

I can't.

But you keep nagging, keep pushing, like being me isn't enough.

You want me to just not give up.

I can't.

A piece inside of me says life is doomed but my solution is inside.

You want me to stop wanting to die.

I can't.

Our world is doomed and we're all the sinners yet for some reason this thought process can't decipher winners.

It can't.

So it doesn't matter, the only thing that matters is if we win or lose but let me tell you,

We can't.

We trick ourselves into thinking we can and suddenly we're doing what we can't so...

Why can't we? Why can't I?

I don't need to be perfect, I don't need to want to die and I can try!

If I can, why can't all of you guys?

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