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He's run from this creature for as long as he can remember...has his luck finally run out?


by Wiebo Grobler

Branches whip my face. I can hear it behind me. Single minded and relentless. I increase my pace, but in this fog and darkness it'll either catch me or I'll break my neck in a fall.

I’ve run from this creature my entire life. They say physical pain may break your spirit but it will never take your soul. But this creature does not inflict physical pain.

This creature is a thing of beauty, yet appears different to us all. It beguiles with a smile, a gentle touch is enough for its taint to grab hold. No one is immune.

It latches onto you - like a smell, a perfume - entering your skin through every pore. Then it drills deep into your bones, right down into the marrow, mingling with your very essence - your soul

The mist clears and so does the ground. I find myself at the edge of a sheer drop. There’s no place to go, nowhere to hide, no more running. I turn. The creature slowly emerges from the mist.

Tall with blue eyes and dark flowing hair. Breath-taking - stunning. I push my back up against a tree. It smiles, my heart flutters and my stomach drops.

“Please… before you take me. Tell me your name.” The creature leans in, soft hair brushing my cheek. I can smell her; intoxicating, beautiful.

It whispers in my ear, its breath like honeyed wine, sends shivers down my spine. Her hand entwines with mine and she leads me away from the precipice. Her name echoing inside my head. Love...

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