You Uncultured Swine
You Uncultured Swine bacon stories

whynot I tried to catch water. It didn't work.
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~ B A C O N ~ Based on how each slice of bacon consumed takes some time off your life. Have fun!

You Uncultured Swine

You're a pig, You're a swine, Even worse than all my trig.

You lack kindness And your happiness And gee, I wonder why.

I find you repulsive A tad disgusting, too. You're merely a thing no less than trash.

I would ask if you could go on home And take a shower, maybe two. But I know that foul stench of yours Will forever be by your side.

I thought you were the one for me, The one to cure my ills. You sold me on delicious lil' lies That promised a lovely time.

I must admit The present was swell But the future... Boy, you took YEARS of my life.

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