You Never Did Seem to Understand
You Never Did Seem to Understand healing stories

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~ H E A L I N G ~ No one ever said healing from childhood parents would be easy.

You Never Did Seem to Understand

your voice your words

they echo in my head

a dull ache thrums within me

threatening to become more

i searched your eyes for any sign of love

a fool's hope a child's innocence

years of searching for the love that never surfaced

i died a little bit each day and cried

red eyes crescent-shaped cuts

"a waste of space" is what you said

"a useless child who never should've been birthed"

you may have forgotten but i never did

you never did seem to understand

you blamed me for lacking emotions

when it was really because you told me i had no right to cry

i've been acting ever since

now that you have gone my peace has yet to come

your dying words—nothing short of a reprimand—

resides in me

never quite lost yet never found either

they say it'll get better

but can it really become flawlessly whole once again?

i rebuild myself, step by step healing slowly

but you never did seem to understand

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