The Last Smooch

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~ S M O O C H ~ A story for mothers and their children of any age. With much love, hope y'all enjoy!

The Last Smooch

"Mama! Mama! Just one more smooch! Pleeeassee!"

I took those kisses for granted before.

Not realizing how precious they were.

I believed my mother would have an endless supply of smooches.

Oh, how wrong I was.

Every second I had spent with her were moments that slowly slipped through my fingers.

Gone are the jubilant kisses and fierce hugs.

All that's left are the memories of tender forehead kisses and saying goodbye.

What I wouldn't give for just one more of your loving smooches.

I love you, forever and then some.

*** A short piece my head got into words. Although this is fictitious, all these thoughts are always in my head. Much love for all the mothers out there. Get your smooches before you can't.

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