Love No More
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whynot I tried to catch water. It didn't work.
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~ S H A T T E R E D ~ Well, give it a read if you please. Hope I don't waste your time, sorrrryyyyyyy.

Love No More

Somewhere in the world Lies a girl with a dream A dream that will unfurl, And a girl who lets out a scream.

In and out, he walks A heart played with like a toy Oh, how people love to mock A girl who lacks some joy.

From days to months to years, Why is there no end? One streams down steadily, my tear Alone, without a friend.

I need to stop this madness I need to stop it now. My heart has been fractured—countless Shattered beyond repair.

Somewhere in the world Lies a girl with no dreams Eyes glinting, fists uncurled, No weaknesses left, it seems.

///////////////////////////////////////////// Heeeeeey, sorry for this. I may have rushed this a little bit and it may be a mess BUT I hope at least some of you don't hate it that much? Sorrrryyyyyyy, over and outtttt. /////////////////////////////////////////////

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