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whynot Write is right. Right is wrong.
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~ C H A L L E N G E D ~ This was actually inspired by a tumblr post I saw (credits unknown, I'm sorry), so thank you for that.

I Challenge You

you say it's me who's in the wrong

i say it's you

you say i'm being ungrateful when

i finally realized i'm done being treated like nothing

and so

i challenge you

i will not hide as if everything is okay

i will not allow everything and anything to happen just the way you want it

i will not stay quiet

i challenge you because

i can't take it anymore

i challenge you because

i've had enough

i challenge you because

i can't live like this anymore

//////////////////////////////////// This is dedicated to my mom. These are words I wish to say but can't. One day though, I really hope to speak out. She shouldn't have this kind of power. ////////////////////////////////////

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