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~ G O O S E B U M P S ~ Beware of your surroundings....

A Something but Nothing

I hear you.

I see you.

I smell you.

But can you do the same?

Can you hear me creeping in the walls?

See me moving in the shadows?

I watch your every move and feed off your insecurities.

I open your doors,

Hide under your bed,

Hide in the corners.

When you feel something at your back,

That’s me standing behind you.

I make things wrong.

I make you doubt.

I make you fear.

You may never see me,

But I see all of you.

You can’t hide from me—

Or run away.

I’m with you forever,

Whether you like it or not.

~~ Hmmmmm.... I was never much of a creepy, kind of horror writer. Nevertheless, I gave it a try. Hope you enjoyed it (or didn't enjoy it because now you'll have trouble sleeping hahahaha)

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