We Were Fine By why
We Were Fine
By why sad stories

why Hi I’m 16 n I like to write
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My first poem I hope you like it. :)

We Were Fine By why

It’s weird to watch his back His back to me is how we lay We use to be face to face Now he turns the other way

I brew his coffee black by morning I’m an early bird while he’s still snoring I drink my tea in silence listen to the bird’s song He quietly reaches his mug As he’s there then he’s gone

He doesn’t say good morning I miss his sweet good nights He doesn’t answer my calls I know something isn’t right He’s giving me no care I can’t feel his presence Of love we once shared It feels like we’ve lessened

I can’t keep holding us He’s breaking my heart The more I try to reach him The farther we drift apart It’s like he’s locked up our love and threw away the key I can’t reach him but I can’t let him be

The sun has gone down And so here we lay I tried my best but our love didn’t stay I wish I’d saw the sign to Hit the button to rewind I wished we’d gone back to when we were fine

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