AU The Journeys end
AU The Journeys end  donna noble stories

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What would happen if Donna didn’t have to get her mind erased? If she could some how stay half Time Lord?

AU The Journeys end

Donna was beaming however the doctor wasn’t. He knew that soon being half timelord would kill her and that soon he’d have to erase her memeory of everything. Hopefully it didn’t come tonight that

“So where of to next? Honestly I absolutely love being half time lord! Should go to let’s see...” Donna talked fastly, knowledge booming inside her head. “Donna...” The Doctor Said quietly

“This cant last” The Doctor said, frown on his face. “What do you mean!? I can’t go back to being human now! All the knowledge and-“ Donna was cut off “It kills you” The Doctor said seriously

“There has NEVER been a half Human, half Time Lord ever! It would kill you to be a human and time lord at the same time. It last a couple of minutes before it’ll become too much and kill you” The Doctor Said, very sadly

“You’re really aren’t” Donna said in disbelief. The doctor sadly shaked his head. “Though oddly enough it should have caughten up to you by now”

Donna hoped with all her heart that she’d be fine. She didn’t want to die and she loved being part time lord. Even the Doctor thought she fit the role perfectly

“Well if it’s going to take a little longer, how about one more adventure?! Let’s end it on a good note!” Donna said, already getting the TARDIS started. She got knowledge on how to fly a TARDIS from being part Time Lord

“Oh okay! Just for you Doctor Donna!” Chuckled the Doctor. “That’s the spirit!” Cheered Donna as they flew away to their next adventure in Time and Space.

Being half Time Lord, half Human never seemed to catch up to Donna. The Doctor was happy yet confused that he didn’t need have to erase her memories of him. The Doctor and Donna went on several more adventures before they found out why. However that’s a story for another time.

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