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What would happened if Rose never let go of that lever? If she never left the doctor? Never got suck in a different universe?

AU DoomsDay

Rose just had to hold. She had to remember, she needed to hold on. TIGHT. For her mum, her dad, Mickey and most importantly...The Doctor. If she let got she’d be in Hell forever.

“Hold on Rose! Just a few more minutes and we can stop! YOU CAN DO IT!” Said the Doctor from the other side of the room. Somehow he was holding on without even trying!

Rose held her breath. She couldn’t let go! She forced so hard.


It shut of automaticity luckily for Rose.

The Doctor ran over and gave Rose the biggest Hug ever. He kissed her forehead “Rose Tyler! Defender of the Earth! You did brilliantly!” Clapped the Doctor. Suddenly he went very serious.

“I thought I was going to lose you..” He was sad, you could tell it in his eyes

“I thought so to! I thought I’d never see you again if I let go! I’ll stay with you forever, I promise” Rose said tearing up.

“I’m sorry Rose...but that can’t happen.” The Doctor Said grimly

“WHY NOT?!” Rose yelled

“I can’t risk you getting hurt...” The Doctor Replied

Rose was furious, how dare he say that! Rose knew perfectly well that she put herself in danger with the doctor. But she didn’t care.

She had the universe to explore, and most importantly she had the most amazing man to explore it with her!

“Really? That’s your excuse! I’m aware I’m putting myself in danger but I don’t care! There’s nothing left for me on Earth now.

I don’t care if I’m running forever or if I never settle down! And if something happens to me then it does!” Rose Said, still mad

The Doctor was destroyed by what she said. He knew what she said was true but the truth is he couldn’t stand losing her. It’s selfish but he didn’t want to get hurt again.

There was an awkward silence and within seconds The Doctor put on his quirky front.

“So where do you think next? There’s this place I’ve been dying to go to! The food there is AMAZ- “ He stopped for a second. He realised that Rose was crying.

“You’re sad about your Mum aren’t you? You know there’s still a chance you’ll get to say goodbye...” The Doctor Said, hugging her.

“There is?” Asked Rose confused. The doctor opened up the last small rip between the universes so Rose could say goodbye.

After Rose said goodbye for the very last time ever she balled her eyes out. The doctor gave her a reassuring hug. “Thanks” Rose said, cracking a smile

The Doctor and Rose knew this was the start for brand new adventures. But this time something was different.....It wasn’t the Doctor and his companion. It was the Doctor and his Girlfriend

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