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The Monster

by whoneedsaname

The monster in the shadows Hides and sobs and cries

His little heart now broken By screams and shouts and lies.

He was only being friendly When he bore his shining teeth

But now his smiles are gone Replaced by bitterness and grief.

He did not want to hurt you To rip your body from your head

But now he knows that you've hurt him He wishes he was dead.

He's only staying in the shadows Because he knows he has to hide;

When you see his face, you'll never see The person that's inside.

And yet you never speak to him, But to bid him go

To die out in the wilderness Broken by the rain and snow.

All this and more the monster has endured, Beaten and broken, curses laid upon his head.

And all the while, there you lay Tucked safe inside your bed.

And though you say that you are scared, The monster is scared as well.

Each day for you may not be heaven But for him each day is hell.

When you receive your kisses And snuggle up warm and tight,

The monster sits and shivers, A victim of the night.

The monster means no ill; He's just not quite like you.

But it is the human way to judge by what you see Instead of what you do

The monster didn't want to hurt you Just to be your friend

But a lifetime of unkindness Is never forgotten in the end.

So now you've heard my warning So be careful and take heed:

Monsters aren't the only ones who repay deed with deed.

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