The Final Bell
The Final Bell final-bell stories

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Originally a song; now not a song.

The Final Bell

by whoneedsaname

At the end of the story Love and truth win And villains are punished For all of their sins. But you're no hero And neither am I And this fairy-story Can't end 'till we die

"What if our future doesn't exist?" And what of grey mountains Shrouded in mist? What about the sun Darkened and dead Or the thoughts that roam free Inside my head?

It's for the best that it ends like this; It's only in death that we enter bliss When the books are closed We'll still be here With only life we have to fear

You see, our life doesn't end On the final page Doesn't end with release from a cage Our life won't end 'till the final bell And when it does, It's not going to end well.

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